Where are my orders? FAQ


United States Residents: Our supplier is located outside of the US, thus shipping may take a total of anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks for customers living in the United States.

Rest assured, our order processing staff always makes sure our customers orders are fulfilled and monitors the status of your orders daily to ensure transactions remain on schedule. We simply don't let orders go un-noticed or left incomplete.

International Residents: For customers living outside of the United States, International shipping may take a total of anywhere from 5 to 10 weeks. This is because we opt for the cheapest shipping price to keep the price low for you, otherwise customers outside of the U.S. would have to pay up to $40-$95 USD in just shipping alone. Patience to save you $40-$95 is well worth it. ;)


Q: Why does my order take so long to arrive?

Answer: We strive to always keep our products set at low prices in any way we can. We chose our shipping method to help you save a few bucks. Have patience to save you money.

Q: I had multiple items ordered but only received one item so far.

Answer: We have multiple suppliers so your items may be shipped from different locations, meaning each item could arrive one by one at separate times. No need to worry, the others are on their way.

Q: Why is my tracking number is not working? or I didn't receive a tracking number.

Answer: Two factors determine why the tracking number is not yet active:

1) The order can take up to a week to be processed due to busy times of the year. This would be the reason why you have not received a tracking number yet.

2) If you have received a tracking number but it is not working, allow a few days to let the post office register and update the number into the system.


You can always contact us to ask about the status of your order(s) or simply want reassurance that we haven't forgotten about your item(s)/an item that hasn't shown up yet. Not a problem at all.

Your patience is truly, truly appreciated.

-HelloDefiance Support



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