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Bride Euroster II Gradation - Race Seat

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Product Information

Support, safety, comfort, durability, and style. Rarely do you find all these qualities in a single race seat, which elevates BRIDE to an unprecedented level above the competition. Utilizing state of the art technology, these racing seats are comfortable for extended use, yet have the bolstering necessary to withstand the rigorous conditions of circuit racing. In other words, strap into a BRIDE seat, and accept no compromise!

BRIDE is dedicated to the pursuit of combining comfort and safety into a sport seat designed for circuit racing. Using cutting edge technology, every sport seat is subjected to various crash tests to conform to the Japanese safety standard of circuit racing: F.I.A. Official Homologation. As a result, BRIDE seats have become a number one pick for motorsport enthusiasts, and are used in many professional race cars around the world.


  • Resistance-to-flame cloth
  • Safety standard conformity model
  • Made in Japan


  • FRP is standard seat back.CFRP is carbon fiber seat back

Bride Euroster II Gradation Racing Seat



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